Minimum of 10k liquidity on all pairs

Hi team,

I think it would make sense to have a minimal amount of liquidity on all current pairs at nash. Even 10k would be great.

That way the entire exchange could be utilized and not appear incomplete.

Could we perhaps allocate some of the bitcoin Liquidity into the other pairs?


Btw: I am loving this feature of logging into to the community forum with my nash login. This is the first time I have interacted with the community!


I know they said they are setting aside $5 million for their “best price” program which is esentially having low spread and liquidity on the exchange pairs. Perhaps they will be using it with other cryptocurrencies once in GA? The team can shed more light on this though, this is all I know.


What do you actually mean with setting aside 5 million? And can you refer to me, where they said that?


thank you buddy

does this acutally mean, that they provide 5 millionen daily trading volume through liquidity partners?

I believe it means they have set aside $5 million to create liquidity on specific markets themselves, not through partners. Liquidity is different from volume, having this money set aside to provide liquidity just allows people who trade those markets to not have to worry about big prices swings. People can buy and sell their crypto with a low spread due to this best price program.

What is actually happening is locking 5 million NEX tokens on behalf of the liquidity providers, while they are contracted to fill the books with the equivalent amount in assets, 1 NEX = 1$
So to be clear 5mil tokens staked over a period of time means 5mil worth of assets in the books.
So far we had 1mil tokens locked for that reason (500K x 2) May 11th.
You can find the transactions here :

That’s how i understand it at least ^^