Minimum amount of Trading

Hello admins,

will there be a minimum amount you have to trade per trade?
I have seen this on many exchanges where i was not able to trade for example my ltc, which were worth 5$ to btc, because the minimum amount of a trade has to be 10$.
This is really annoying, since many exchanges have this limitation.

Trading has a cost for the operations, that should be lower than the fee charged to a reasonable degree. A filled $5 trade brings about $1c in fees, so it all depends if the processing, settlement and storage costs on time of that trade make it profitable to do so.

Our trading limits have not been established yet.

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Thank you for the fast response.
I understand what you mean. Hopefully the minimum trading size will not be too high, because if online stores use nash to accept cryptos and a user want to buy goods or for example songs via mikropayments (~1$) and pays via btc/ltc etc. it would be unfavourable if the user has to buy minimum eg. 5-10$ to pay via nash.

I hope you will find an optimal solution