Messaging>exchange>payment on the horizon?

(Redk) #1

Interesting move to put community chat here (on own platform) I
can see the immediate advantages but was wondering if there was more to it ?

(Alex) #2

Would leave the messaging part up to WeChat and Facebook to build.
Nash API is build on the GraphQL philosophy. GraphQL was originally introduced by Facebook. This might already help Facebook product teams to easily integrate Nash with their messaging platforms. (Actually any third party developer familiar with APIs)

However. By having this seperate commnity platform, it does allow for more creative freedom… maybe we could introduce a tipping feature in the community portal to showcase payments in the future … who knows

(Redk) #3

Yes a tipping feature would be very interesting indeed … perhaps with QR function they have implemented on NEON wallet :slight_smile:

Want to tackle my other question ? its been left stale … and is perhaps just ramblings

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