May there a winner with several prizes?

(Lukaskorba) #1

Might be my mistake but I haven’t found clear statement saying there will be only unique winners in the referral program. So aka it’s going to be 30 prizes for 30 winners or there might be 1 winner with all prizes just for him. Imagine a youtuber who will achieve 1000 active tickets. It would be crazy if all 30 random tickets would go to him, but it may happen that some of it yes. What is the rule, pls? Thx

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(Kazanchev) #2

The second question is: “Who will take the 1st, 2nd, 3rd … place”. There’s no info on that in the “Terms and Conditions”.

(Neogasrpx) #4

Heya! Good to see you here! Long time no see! :nash_token:

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