Master account/wallet that supports all blockchains?

(Arthur Kevorkian) #1

Hi. Is there gonna be something like master account/wallet where I can store coins from different blockchains and trade them? Or I’ll have to log in every time with different blockchain wallets like in switcheo?

Multi chain extension?
(Dead Pool 56) #2

From what I have read so far, the extension will support wallets addresses from multiple chains. I’m sure the interface will be similar to trading on a CEX like Coinbase or Binance but with full control over your funds.

(Chris Fenwick) #3

^ What @DeadPool_56 said :slight_smile:
Nash will never control your private keys, but we make it easy for you to manage your wallets from different chains as part of a single account.

(EC) #4

As if on cue…

(FCC) #5

As if on cue…

LOL, now all that is missing is they calling it v3, so our Q4 presentation will have hit the nail on what two competitors are going to offer :smiley:

@Arthur_Kevorkian answering your question: yes, that has always been something we promoted, is our zero-knowledge key manager solution. All you will need is email and password, you will have the option to enable 2FA also.

(Arthur Kevorkian) #6

Awesome! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: