Market buy slippage protection

I don’t know if this issue came up before, but my suggestion for times of low liquidity or “flashy order book” when user hits market it would fill with big slippage.

My suggestion is to add to a market order a % slippage allowed to avoid unwanted price excitation and the hunt to hit the right limit order multiple times.

order book example:

Size Price
1 20
2 21
3 22
10 23

as a manual taker I want to hit 20-22 as fast as possible or just as simple buyer just hit market order and take all up to 23. second thing I want to make sure that when I do hit Market order 20-22 wouldn’t just disappear and I’ll hit 23.

that’s basically the idea.

a limit order with price at 22 will do exactly that


Good to know that.