Margin Trading. Vanished?


For anyone that doesn’t know. The promise of Margin Trading was one of the initial attractions that brought news of NEX to so many people.
Margin Trading is a huge feature that would bring massive volume to neon-exchange.

But the vision of having this feature seems to have vanished.
What happened to the teams plans with having Margin Trading?

I was watching a YouTube review of NEX from last January.
Its interesting to see how the teams goals have changed. Lately there isn’t a single mention of Margin Trading on the website or the whitepaper.

Last January Margin Trading was present in the Whitepaper
Has the team given up on the idea? Is it too complex for them to create? Are the team quitting on some of their ideas?

I hope it’s the case of waiting for a licence. But regardless, it’s vision has vanished. I hope other visions don’t begin to vanish as well.
@ethan @canesin

Ps. Can we even call market orders and limit orders ‘complex trades’ anymore?
Mostly all exchanges do these trades now.
In terms of Features/Trades/UI etc… new users won’t care if they’re using a decentralised exchange or not.

Dont get me wrong. I’m a huge nex fan. This is harsh love. (we make each other stronger this way)


The vision is not gone. We are legally not able to do margin trading until we acquire more licenses.


Great to hear. Thanks for your reply :blush:


Had the same question and seeing Ethan reply’s this fast is great!


Agreed. I think we all prefer posts like this. Instead of narrow minded posts on current prices and irrelevant topics.


If margin trading comes, will stakers profit from this?

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Yeah. The buying and selling of margins will pass through the matching engine. Its just like a normal buy and a normal sell. Its the configuration of funds used to buy the margin that’s different.


Thanks mate for noticing, and for bringing it up so that others that would speculate can have there answer in the forum thanks to Ethan’s fast reply!

That is good to know Margin Trading is still part of the plan. :smiley:


Very good news. Thank you Ethan.

This is exciting news also. Thanks!

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So are you still actively working towards the required licenses for margin trading or did it turn into a possible stretch goal? Are you actively developing the technical part atm?
I just saw that it was removed from the original whitepaper as I was only familiar with v1. Kind of disappointing moment for me.
Why did you remove it with the license argument, while things like index funds stayed? As far as I know you also need additional licenses for this and yet it sounds different.
Hope you can shed some light for me. Thanks! JustUS


Different requirements, we raised capital only on the MVP roadmap. Not including anything that would need additional licenses. As Ethan said the vision is the same, we want to provide all the trading features and go after traditional securities trading, but that could not be in our investors communication for the offering.


Why are we always getting ahead of ourselves? One answer always leading to new questions :sweat_smile:
In my opinion, these line of questions are not helpful. The team hasn’t suggested raising new capital and we should not be insinuating stuff like this. They also said they raised sufficient funds for this project.
Why not let them focus on accomplishing their goals.
I trust this team to continue acting honourably and distinguish itself from the money grabbers that populate the crypto space.


So @canesin how are you dealing with this, after completing all the MVP that u said to full fill for the investors , will there be any more funds left to deal with the licenses? Or are you planning to deal the costs with the income from the exchange? I think you might be having an estimation , we will be gald if you can share them .

i am sure they did that for legal reasons :slight_smile: i am sure they will deliver margin trading

Thanks for the response.

Quick question in relation to the vision of traditional securities trading. Assuming they are tokenized offerings, would the hypothetical fee’s collected from this in the future be included in the staking pay out?

@NEX_HODL correct, those changes are driven mainly for compliance.

@Ashrith yes those costs are currently in our P&L, but be reminded that there is uncertainty on company revenue. There is a say “Growth solves all problems”.

@JumpAround that is the plan, everything that touches the matching engine collect fees that are redistributed to exchange investors. Only when not going trough the exchange matching is that there will be no fee redistributed, there are several of those services planned in the future as additional income for the company.


as long a good portion of non matching engine profits is used to support growth no one will have a problem, from staking model its 100% sure that company will get almost 50% of the dividends , you will have the funds to buy a bank :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply and hard work by your whole team

@canesin Thank you for your fast reply!
Speaking as the person invested in NEX I have confidence and I think that you guys will create a good product.
Speaking as an exchange user, I hope you will also offer margin trading as soon as possible (so that I can almost exclusively use neonexchange for trading.)
Kind regards, Justus

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