Making Nash API more accessible

I think it would make sense to add Nash to CCXT library.

Anyone feeling up for the challenge?

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Thanks! Didn’t think to check.

Is it from you? CI appears to be failing :worried:

Hi @Oldsport, I’m the guy that made the pull request.

I just did the first steps and was planning updates but first want to make everything works.
As Nash is using graphql :ok_hand: this library does not supports is out of the box. Also adding the SDK is not an option cause the Javascript will be transpiled to python and PHP.

The CI is indeed failing because of some issue when transpiling to python. I will check with one of the devs how this can be solved.

Contributions a very welcome :smile:


I had actually just found you from your name and picture. Thanks for your work on this :ok_hand:

Unfortunately my dev days are behind me, don’t think I’d be able to help.

We talked with CCXT team a while back, but it can’t have dependencies due to the transpiling like @laurens55 mentioned and some other auditing concerns. So it will/would require considerable engineering (that the community might have in long term available but we decided to focus elsewhere) to port all the cryptography to the CCXT library. We have other efforts in motion to allow easier migration to Nash. You should hear from that in a few weeks.