Maker Bot

Howdy Folks, I just started up the maker bot to test it out, and I had some questions about it because I have been running into some issues. I started out with USDC since the ping pong strategy said the bot would buy first and sell after. So my first purchase went off without a hitch, however the sell order wasn’t able to be fulfilled. Then the bot stopped working and when I started it back up I can’t tell the bot to sell what it had already purchased in the previous iteration of it running

. So I was wondering if it was possible to introduce some small additional setting to the bot, because right now it is just purchasing only and I can’t get it to sell anymore because it doesn’t realize that it should be on that step when I load it up.

Sorry for the word vomit! It just seemed like a simple problem to have so I wanted to see if anyone else ran into this as well.


happened to me also. i just sell it manually on mobile swap option and continue going on :slight_smile: