Maker and Taker Fee


How much is Maker and Taker Fee on Nash exchange?

If I look for Nash staking calculator it say Maker fee is 0% and Taker fee (0-0.1M volume) is 0.25%, and Binance have 0.01% Maker and 0.01% Taker, is this correct or em I missing something?

You are correct, due to maker 0% Nash can offer NashLink with 0% fee


Binance is 0.10%/0.10%, not 0.01%/0.01%.

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Thank you, I see that there was something wrong :slight_smile:

Also would like to say maybe if it was possible, to attract more people to Nash platform would be better maybe lower fee?

Nash has competitive fees already. Nash is not aiming to be the cheapest but the best non-custodial trading platform.