Make a Practice Nex duplicate yes/no?

Hi @Team (and everybody welcome to comment,

I would like to “poll” this idea a little since I already send Nex an email and I would like to hear more voices. Kej…here goes:

Leverage traders use Bitmex mostly. Bitmex has an duplicate on the testnet so you can trade without loosing coins AND!!!..get aquainted with BitMex. …see where I am going??

If NEX would open the exchange on the testnet with realtime data like BitMex, people could already be drawn towards the exchange, see what could be gained by staking, get to learn the tools, leverage trading…

As long as NEX is offline, everybody making a new account on any other exchange will learn first on that other competitor and probably stay there (see the Binance effect). If they have the chance to learn with "fake money"and see the tools, the probability of them staying or RETURNING to NEX is far greater.

Let me know what you think. On a sidenote, competitors might see the design, but they do not have the tech of the offchain machting engine so I do not see a problem there.

Cheers and give me a like if only for the effort :slight_smile:


This feature could be useful when exchange is live, but I dont think it would be wise to do it now as competitors will copy everything. Regarding staking - nobody knows what will be the volume of exchange, market situation and adaption of crypto in general will play big role. So there is no point of trying out staking.

I believe things have to move one step after the other. But the idea of marging trading sounds pretty cool. It will be an added value to NEX. We all want NEX to dominate the entire exchange market but I believe we should also give them time to bring us that wanderful exchange we are all waiting for.

Their hard work and experience will play a great role to make things work for good.
The visions is there and their goals have been set. We just need to accompagny then to their target.

I think some features that are available in Non Security exchanges may legally not be available in NEX which is aiming at being the Security Exchange