Major 'Blockumentary' Drives NEX Customers In Spring

(Guardian Circle) #1

Last night, I attended the premiere of TRUST MACHINE, a major new documentary about Blockchain. Narrator: Rosario Dawson (MARVEL shows Luke Cage, Daredevil) . Director: Alex Winter (“Bill” from Bill & Ted). Producer: Joe Lubin (Ethereum dude).

That’s me in the black tshirt and grey suitcoat behind Rosario :slight_smile:

I can now confirm that the film HEAVILY features NEO token $GUARD. The Guardian Circle dApp is explained, the Guardium whitepaper is shown. We get a LOT of airtime.

I am told (no guarantees, I do not control when this actually happens, but:) the film should be on Netflix / Amazon / iTunes in a few months, AND it is officially a contender for an OSCAR (Academy has confirmed acceptance in Documentary category). So if it IS on Netflix, etc., people seeing it will likely be trying to figure out how to get $GUARD. And if it actually wins an Oscar, then lookout: it will be EVERYWHERE.

Since NEX is expected to up around this same time, I am hopeful that we can funnel interest generated by $GUARD from the film into NEX. Looking for $GUARD? Here it is. Oh and look: here are a bunch of other NEO dApps and tokens as well.

Anyway – want you all to know this is happening, this is real, I want it to benefit the NEX Community and work with you all to fan the flame higher for all our projects.

More pics:

(Nick) #2

Congrats on this achievement @GuardianCircle ! :tada:
Very impressive.


I congratulate you @guardiancircle, you will obtain the OSCAR without any doubt and you will take the GUARD token to a level of application and universal use without limits and at the same time together with NEO and NEX will generate brilliant ideas that we will all know how to take advantage of as members of this community.
A personal name is just tell you that it is an honor to be in this community next to a member like you.
and I almost forgot, when you win the Oscar, please send me an autographed photo with the statuette in your hands :wink:

(Rory) #4

Congrats @GuardianCircle! Very cool news.

As an aside, describing Rosario Dawson using her roles in Marvel shows makes me feel old as I always think of her from Rent and Sin City, but those movies are 13 years old! :sweat_smile:

(Guardian Circle) #5

Well, just to be clear: if it wins, I will not actually get an Oscar – I’m just interviewed in the movie. The Oscar will go to Alex Winter (Director). So, I will have to buy my own imitation Oscar on Hollywood Blvd. like everyone else in LA :slight_smile:


understood, you are still part of this movie when you are interviewed, when you win the Oscar if it happens, you are part of this success :slight_smile:

(Ethan Fast) #7

Congrats @GuardianCircle, that’s very cool!

(Len) #8

Amazing @GuardianCircle! Congrats, can’t wait to see it launch on Netflix! Really excited for the reviews and exposure for this documentary! Let’s pray the nominations for an Oscar!

Great work already bro!

(Sean D) #9

Congrats @GuardianCircle. Looking forward to when this gets released. Watched the trailer and it looks good, very good exposure for your project and crypto in general. :grinning:

(Guardian Circle) #10

You guys will ALL be happy with this. I’ve watched it 3 times now (doing screenings in LA with Q&A after) there’s a lot packed in there, I’ve caught new things on each viewing. It’s really good film for demystifying crypto – without ‘dumbing it down’. You get that This Is Very Big and It’s Still Very Early.

(Kelvin Fugara) #11

Yeah We will be happy to see the movie brother

(Guardian Circle) #12

As a result of this movie, Guardian Circle was just invited to film an episode of a new television show series. This may be even bigger than the movie. Both should be on VOD worldwide (so: Amazon, PLAY, iTunes, Netflix later) by March 2019. TV thing will be on a major cable network at the same time, so we’ll be getting major airtime worldwide in multiple tv shows / movies ALL AT ONCE if it goes according to plan.

(Nick) #13

So cool. Are you allowed to share the name of this new tv show @GuardianCircle?

(Guardian Circle) #14

Nope :slight_smile: This is all I dare say right now … soon as I can say more, I will. :slight_smile: