Maintenance patch notes

When Nash announces that the exchange will be shutdown for maintenance (like on twitter) once it is back up, will there be a place where we can look at patch notes or what was recently added with the maintenance?


Yes, it will be great if nash updates these from time to time. If there is a timeline given what was updated when, it can show the improvements in the platform.

Personal opinion: I don’t think this is necessary and it may just be an absolute waste of time on the part of the team. When my banking app goes off due to maintenance, the bank does not brief customers on what changes where made. Let us focus on the real issues. Most users of Nash would be non tech so why do they want to see patch notes?

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Actually all apps when they are updated in say the app store have patch notes. Maybe not the website, but the apps do. Also we don’t have to be just like banking apps, all I would like is more of a what features have been added or what major bugs have been fixed. Right now there isn’t much of a way to know without exploring.


Fair enough :+1:

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