Maintenance mode needed?

So I’ve been a bit confused on why we need maintenance mode on something that should always have uptime like an exchange. Every time this happens I have to manually re-enable the market maker bot again because it couldn’t work during maintenance. Also, I can see a lot of people being frustrated if they miss out on trading opportunities if the exchange is down for maintenance.

Why not:

  • Use a load-balancer and redirect all users to server B
  • Perform new deployments and upgrades to server A
  • After success, balance all users to server A
  • Perform upgrade on server B

This should take away downtime.



I think because we are still in the ‘test phase’…

If we have 2 million users in 2021 it would be a little bit dumb to have maintenance mode for a couple of hours…


Yeah also thinking that. But just want to make sure if that’s the case :slight_smile: