Main net and swapping NEP5 NEX tokens? Sorry noob question!

I have some NEX I got I the lottery. I don’t trade and just store my crypto and don’t look for months at a time. In the past this has led to panic when certain ERC20 tokens changed to main net.

When will NEX change to a main net token from the current NEP5 token? And what will we have to do as I’ve not done a token swap before

Sorry if this is a silly question, any advice around this topic would put me at ease :slight_smile:

You do not have to do anything. The token remains a NEP 5 token. The Mainet Launch has nothing to do with the fact that Nash has its own blockchain, because that’s not the case.


Oh ok! Well thats good then, because it was another thing to worry about!

So will it remaind a NEP5 token forever?

If you are not planning te sell your $nex you can also “stake” them. This way you can get dividends up to 75% for 24mnd stake. It will be available at launch 23 Aug.


I didnt realise that was happening so soon …Thanks, yes I planned to stake, I’m just unsure how to do it! I’ve seen people talking about staking a little every week or month so they alway shave liquid funds. I’m not sure this suits my situation as I really want to not have to much involvement and I dont trade. But Im also worried about locking up all my tokens for two years.

It would be horrible if we go on a bull run in the next year or so and then it crashes again and I couldnt sell anything!

Thanks very much, thats good to know :slight_smile:

Thanks @fischdenflo and @COINDER ! Super nice when the community can inform itself. :mechanical_arm:


If people don’t stake their tokens, they make a ‘mistake’…