Made an informative Dutch Nash website to inform family and relatives

Good day fellow :nash_n:ash holders!

Since I’ve always been a great fan of informing family and relatives about promissing crypto projects, I’ve tried explaining Nash several times.
It is in these moments that I felt that my explanation was a shortcoming of the real potential of this platform. Because of this reason I decided that an informative website about Nash was the easyer way to spread the word.

So… I made a small dutch website about the platform and all the features it will bolster. Actually learned a lot more about the project as well.

If any dutchies here feel the need to explain the project to relatives, family or friends feel free to use it:

Feedback is ofcourse also always welcome!

Cya on the staking grounds :wink:


Well firstly, I see you say Nash is built on the NEO blockchain. That’s not entirely correct. Nash is blockchain agnostic, only their token (NEX) is on the NEO blockchain. The exchange itself operates their matching engine that interacts with multiple blockchains.

Otherwise, it’s a nice idea to make things easier for your Dutch-speaking family/friends. Hopefully in future we’ll have multiple language versions of the main site.

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It’s a simple wise nash to explain, I myself may see a problem with copyright. You have entered your referral there, with the aim of receiving many applications via your link. Uses the logo without permission, the name to get any profit … I can imagine that maybe something is not quite the law. I would not dare.

Thanks for this feedback.
You’re absolutely right about the platform not being build on NEO only. it did originate from that community but I will definetely change it. thank you.

Besides this I’d too would love there to be a dutch itteration of the site, but since I’ve got family wanting to buy in now I figured to do it myself.

Again thanks!

Nothing wrong with nitpicking, I’m asking for it after all.

I’ll take your feedback serious and work on a customized logo, pretty doable and a good idea.
About making my website mine, tried to translate the website as good as possible in understandable dutch, a lot of the same info as the original but written in simple dutch. I’m just using it for my relatives to get to know the project and besides me using a ref link this is for now the only way to sign up for the beta launch.

Thanks for your feedback!

Will start making a logo tomorrow, good points made by you and another community member.
As for my aim to get ref signups. partly true partly not.
I’m spreading the word about Nash and getting people to sign up for the beta launch and using the platform. The only way to get this done now is by ref link, so would be logical to paste my own ref link in it.

In my opinion the more people use nex the better, me getting some extra lottery tickets is a nice innocent extra imo.

Wow, you made a website just for your family and relatives, big effort :slight_smile:.
Regarding a domain name you used, all original logos and site material, there could be some copyright infringement. Seems like a phishing site. You should state at the top of all pages that is not an official nash site (maybe you did but I dont understand Duch)


Yeah I did man. A day of work so I can just forward the url to my dutch speaking friends and fam. Saves a lot of time actually :smiley:
copyright is a solid point of feedback, thanks. Phishing isn’t happening, all I ask is to sign up via my link.

Thanks :smiley:

Netjes gedaan @bitcoin :wink:


This initiative is likely seem more like a phishing site which may not be safe for users in the long run and may also confuse new users or you also may risk getting reported for infringement of nash logos etc. which may not be good for you. i can suggest you to create a blog about nash and update consistently so people can follow you for updated news. and you may also collab with nash team for a Dutch translated version for their website.


Thanks man.
Already got in contact with the team and will change some stuff up.

All the above comments are appreciated and will be used in the revamped version later this week. Going to focus more on the blog thing indeed.

Thanks all for the comments :smiley: