Loving the update

Just logged onto NASH app and can swap all of my assets, looking really good, canโ€™t wait for the saving accounts to go live this month, ETH fees looking more reasonable as well :grin::+1:


Who says saving accounts are going live this month?

Earnings accounts on Nash will be available in July.


Great. I missed the update.

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Today I logged in to the desktop interface and there was an announcement about Nash adding Avax.
Then, Nash requested another 2FA and a PIN that was sent to my email in order to add AVAX. Why did I have to do that if the fiat ramp is only available in the mobile app anyway?
I updated the mobile app but I still donโ€™t see AVAX.

You still get an AVAX wallet, which is accessible on the webapp. AFAIK this part of the system is shared.

However, there was a bug, and this should not have gone live yet. Weโ€™ll announce officially when AVAX is available on the ramp.


Thanks for the feedback Chris!