Hi Nash!

Love the podcast. Episode 2 gave me a better understanding of how Nash is planning to approach the market.
I also appreciate that it will take some time until we hit the sweet spot.
Those 1000 users that love Nash…I guess you are aiming for “how the teslarati” love Tesla?

So the product(s) will create the community.
Am I correct that the strategy is evolving and the focus will be on nash pay, mobile and nash cash with the exchange moving to the background (like an engine)?

And if so, do you have a community member profile in mind when it comes to the “lovers”? Like: merchants, investors or people that just wanna hold crypto safely with all the political unrest?

Apart from the questions I have 2 suggestions that would help the network effect a bit:

  • When sharing a payment request you generate a link.
    Would it be an idea to generate a complete “nash styled” email/page containing the payment request?
    Maybe with a promotional code if you also create a nash account?

  • Make payment request to groups, where you can track who paid a who didn’t —> I go for dinner with 8 friends: I pay the whole bill in fiat and make a payment request to 8 contacts, they can pay their share in fiat or crypto —> I receive only BTC, easy way of stacking sats, also great exponential exposure for the brand NASH

Cheers guys.


I am sure this has been posted elsewhere, but if they are moving the strategy to Nash pay, mobile, and nash cash, I was wondering what those programs actually entailed. Could I feasibly move all my money from the bank to store on Nash and whenever I use nash pay those fees for payment would go on the matching system? Because this is something that I would actually use. I would love to be able to make money and support Nash by storing my money on their platform. As of right now there really isn’t a purpose for using it as a wallet, and I am personally not much of a trader so anyway I could contribute to the matching engine and recruit family/friends who are crypto novices I will jump at. Many of us are informing our circles around us about Nash but the people we are informing aren’t traders.