Login form can not be filled efficiently

(Kwicks) #1

when I fill the login form I always tab from the form input field for the email address to the password field. But when I press tab after filling in my email address the cursor jumps to the “Forgotten password” link.
Maybe it is better to place the “Forgotten password” link below the input fields or better below the login button :slight_smile:

(Alex) #2

Good catch. This can be fixed by adding tabindex attribute to the form elements. I see there are none specified. In this case the behaviour may vary depending on the used browser default settings.

TODO: Add tabindex for usability :wink:

(Nathaniel) #3

Good spot - this has been passed on to the developers!

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(Timothy) #4

Thanks for the suggestion! This has been fixed, please clear cache and reload.

(Nick) #5

There are also issues with Chrome auto-fill. The button state stays gray when my details are already filled in:

Clicking the sign in button works but it’s not UX friendly.

Also, when on my iOS phone (Chrome browser) the auto-fill details are shown as a suggestion, but when I select it it doesn’t fill in the details. Please fix that if possible :sweat_smile:

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(Alex) #6

Interesting. I think :-webkit-autofill might be able to detect this and fix this…
(Binance has similar issue. And indeed it is annoying…)

if ($("#email").is(":-webkit-autofill")) 
    // the value in the input field of the form was filled in with google chrome autocomplete

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(Timothy) #7

This is fixed. Thanks for the input, everyone!

@Alex in case you’re interested, the root of the issue is that Chrome does not dispatch a change event on autocomplete, and until the first repaint after the autocomplete, the DOM isn’t even aware that the input has been filled. Pretty messy all around.

(Nick) #8

Thanks for that fix @timothy. Although the 2nd part is not yet fixed. On iOS it still doesn’t fill in the login details when tapping the autofill suggestion

(Bunder) #9

Fix Fix Fix, Nash need a better Test team before launch little fixed things :wink:

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