Logging in is a real pain! + Ideas to improve usage

Hi guys,

You know I love Nash…But the logging in process is a real pain in the…

First you need to log into the extention…then again in the community…

It is really way to much of a hassle specially for new people/massadoption.

You should just make it so when you have logged in the extention you can use everything : community…trade…and so on.

Second…The extention is pretty useless now…why not intergrade the functions of the neon wallet since it is made by CoZ anyway. Maybe add some switching around of neo to gas as an easy onboard. We all went referring people, but once they come here they see they can not log in since they can not get Nex or on some exchanges they have never used…thus…pointing them to another exchange which is not the porpose of a referral for this exchange…Because now it would have been better to use the Nash referral to refer them to Aphilion or toktok and get some bonus there (if they have it. I use neither) But you get my point.

I understand we don’t want spammers here, so you might just give rights to people owning over 100 or later 10 NEX (can not buy 1 anyway fees and all), ut this way you create false hope.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see the reward of ou patience.

The standard email+password login will be available and linked to your wallets after the exchange launches. One of the selling points of Nash is having a good UX, so I guess we’ll just need to wait till the product is finished.

Indeed, we just have to wait a little more. They have a great team, and besides that, they give some people the chance to be part of testing program.

After the testing program they will receive a lot of feedback with new / better things for the platform etc etc.

Just wait. Like we do already a long time :slight_smile:


We are not focused on mass adoption for the forum or products until latter in the year. Community testing will start with the beta end of March and that is our focus currently.