Location for Q1 Quarterly Update in London

Hi nash-ers!

I understand it’s early but I’d like to know if the team @canesin @Nathaniel @carla have any event spaces in mind for the London Quarterly Update on April 27.

I have a few ideas for event spaces (I’m sure the community does as well); I also have a couple of contacts in VC firms and other blockchain projects that could be convinced to attend or share events spaces.

Let me know and I can start the ball rolling.


You can be potential!

Good idea.It will really be nice to have other projects attend the 27 April event in London.

I’ll go ahead and just suggest them below:

i) Primalbase.com (Moorgate, London)
A workspace with offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and soon in NYC, Singapore. They often hold events for ‘Binary District.’
Image result for binary district primalbase event youtube london
However, the ceiling may be too low and would not look so great in videos. I’m thinking you could possibly work a deal to get the venue + hotdesk working space for free in exchange for listing waves and pbt tokens. They would also increase their exposure by welcoming a whole community.

ii) Balderton Capital (Kings Cross)
Their venue is quite nice and is situated nearby Kings Cross station. This is the event area

It has an upstairs area for viewing also but places may be limited.

Choosing a venue like this could open up conversations with Balderton Capital, Luno and Revolut (as Balderton is quite heavily invested in both). Both also have or are in the process of obtaining EUR and GBP banking licenses.

I live in the Kings Cross Area, my wife works at Luno and I bank with Revolut (great UX) so this would be ideal for me, lol but this isn’t about me.

Obviously there are a countless amount of other options but these two are high on my list due to the communities.

Let me know what you guys think @carla @canesin.
@Nathaniel I imagine you’d know these areas well.

@Peter Do you have experience using Revolut? I downloaded the app but I was’t sure if it was worth switching.

Whats the main advantage compared to like N26, regular online-banking and so on?

I travelled to NYC recently. The Revolut card and app was amazing to use. The app notifies you as soon as you spend money and where, you can activate/deactivate online payments and contactless / swipe payments easily. It also shows you a percentage breakdown of funds spent and what categories.

I like it because it allows the user to have so much control over their funds and how they spend their funds.
Although it’s not directly related to what Nash is doing, it’s worth downloading the app and looking around for some inspiration @canesin


Yeah I do use it; I love the UX/UI.

They’ve got disposable one-use virtual cards to go along with the physical card, so you can purchase things online without worrying about card fraud so much. Apple pay and Google wallet are being worked on right now.

Can confirm it works seamlessly in Australia, UK, EU, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa. Their exchange rates are great and can all be done instantly in App. Sending cash to Revolut is really quick (you can actually also debit your credit card balance onto it but I wouldn’t recommend). International bank transfers outwards also don’t take too long if you opt for a premium or metal account.

The only problems are that it technically isn’t a real bank account. I can’t use the account for direct debits, and in some cases in store debits e.g. cash withdrawal at a post office.

They’re crypto product also isn’t real. You can only buy and sell price exposure (not real bitcoin), hence why there may be some partnership opportunities with NASH.

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We’re off topic I guess…but this kind of thing fascinates me. Being in The Bahamas, I don’t qualify for most of these online only banks. I’m ultimately hoping that’s the road Nash ends up going down though, where they become my one-stop financial solution for not just my crypto, but my fiat as well.


On closer inspection, I’m not sure if Balderton Capital would open up their venue unless it is for one of the teams in their portfolio.

Regardless, I think I could drag a few Lunauts (as the Luno staff refer to themselves) to the event.