Localized Nash communities

I was thinking about how Nash would become local in different parts of the world. May be one day, if Nash is successful, there will always be a country manager within the company who handles every task within the country. I live in Prague and even though Fabio lives quite near in Vienna, I doubt we will see Nash on billboards in Prague any time soon. The community will always play a significant role for promoting Nash. But how would the community be organized?

Nash is being very generous with us. Distributing 75 % of the revenues is unprecedent. Why not giving the community an option to “donate” part of the income to the local community and create some rules for the community to self-organize? If there were an option to give back certain percentage of the staked income to the local community, the community could spend it on localized nash-related events, marketing and promotion.

Decision-making could be based on amount you donated. Such as whoever donated the most would have more voting rights. Whoever does not want to donate money but keeps helping volunteering would also receive more “votes” for deciding what the community should do. Nash would have a veto right so if the community were to be malicious, they could dissolve it or expel some members.

I could give an example of a community of finance professionals – CFA Society. There is one leading organization in the USA and in every part of the world (including Prague) there is a localized one run by volunteers.

This is just an idea. Would you donate some % of your staked income to the local society if you knew the money would be spent in your country for promoting Nash? Let me know what you think about it. :nash_n:


Hello, I think your contribution is great, I had thought about the same thing, I currently have a Twitter account to promote Nash in Latin America (https://twitter.com/NashLatam), I do it in a selfless way, I just want our exchange :nash_n: to be a success , although I would like to promote more, it is very limited by resources, I liked how the Smartcash community has made many events, promotions and even sponsored their own beer, all with the support of the community. I hope Nash :nash_token: in the future could have official representatives in each country where regulations allow, and hopefully they are from the community and they offer the services and realize the whole advertising issue. In short there are a lot of things to do with this great product that Nash offers to the crypto community. :nash_token:

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