Live Statistics Nash

What is the team thinking about of making a statistics site for Nash like how many transactions and general performance data something like I would love to see live data from the match engine and other parts of the Nash exchange. That people can see the improvements over time and the general status of the Nash exchange.

Or the team can provide APIs that someone from the community can integrate this data on their website.


Nash channels explorer is much needed. ( consider it content marketing ) But more importantly the documentation and tools for devs to build their own. In favor :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, much information is already available on-chain. I’m thinking of making something, but need to find time … I also want to make benchmarking visualisation for orderbooks against other exchanges.


Statistics Page is a good idea! I would also like to have an API for the high resolution Trading Data. This would be very great for developing trading strategies and bot backtesting! :pray:

Trading data API is available

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I think this would be great on the staking dashboard!

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Showing confirmation there is demand for such tools and would be Nice if Nash is integrated in those exciting explorers from day 0 or at least thinks about opening up this data layer…
– Pls don’t chill NASH in tweets though. Because I doubt Nash closed system is acceptable atm.