Live leaderboard suggestion

@canesin One idea… looks fine, I suppose Nash will update it once week is done… I can imagine to have live leaderboard updating day by day… maybe not volume or detailed statistics but ratio would be enough… it would motivated me and I believe some other poeple as well… however some might loose motivation at all I have to admit…

Person A 12.4% (eligible for 12.4% of all NEX allocated for the week)
Person B 7.83%

considered additional work and load of the system of course…


Those things are a tough balance - I think updating weekly is like a disclosure of winners that creates excitement and don’t discourage people because of outliers.

I just have to say that the showing from the community is impressive, I am humbled with all the support this program is receiving and the company as well! Also all the nice words going around, this is it guys! This is what will make this project win on the next years!


What about ranking only until the week ends?
This will create a lot more of excitment (if we can even handle more :smiley: )

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