Listing on Coin Asset Exchange on 11th of November, 10am

Hi Guys,

What do you guys think of the listing on the Coin Asset Exchange?
Is this in advantage of nex being known? And how about the nex price?

Let me know.

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Hi Bunder,
Coin Asset Exchange is not a big exchange with a lot of volume. So I don’t think it will help the price up to $ 5,-. But it is crypto …

Price growth is hard to predict. the more people might know about NEX the more energy they might generate around it.

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Till the exchange is live and volume starts coming to NEX, is all but price speculations.
People right now believe that the project is worth around 70 MIL USD, so there is a high confidence in the team delivering.


show some respect for the team n stop speculating about the price. if u still do, go on unofficial telegram.