Listing guidelines

Hey, when will the guidelines for projects to be listed in the exchange be published?


i asked this awhile ago too. Hoping for an answer so we can help spread it out! @ethan @canesin

Nash does not make profits by charging token listing fees. If we choose to list a project, at present we charge a one-off fee of ca. 10,000 USD to cover legal costs. This is because, if we are to list your token, we must obtain a legal opinion on its structure to ensure it complies with our legal framework.

Please bear in mind that we follow a rigorous procedure for assessing projects and only list those we believe are of high quality. Which projects are chosen for listing on the Nash Exchange remains entirely at our discretion.

If you want to apply for a token listing, please fill out the following form to tell us more about your project:

Will Nash announce the full listing procedures on NEO DevCon that is coming on the 17th Feb? When will projects be able to apply for listing?

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Hi @canesin @ethan

Will Nash be releasing their application form for those who wish to be listed on Nash Exchange anytime soon?

I ask this as myself (and i’m sure many others) are worried about the level of volume that will exist when the exchange launches.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yes, our levels of volume have clear targets communicated to the community already.

When launching the beta to the community our main objective is not to attract volume but to test and refine the full system together with a controlled set of users. After that is done we will promote and expand the number of tickets listed, we have already said our goal is to follow a PG progression (2, 4, 8, 16, …) every month until we get to a good number markets.


So, after 7 a 8 months, all the markets are on the platform :slight_smile:
That will be on the end of this year.
Looking forward to it!

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Ok by 7th month we would have 128 and 8th mth prob 256 pairs… which is insane speed.

Everybody cant wait for to see the key pieces of the puzzle (btc trading) and lots pf other trading pairs, but this approach of the slow ramp up, I think, is the best and most common sense approach.

Hi there! :vulcan_salute:t4:

Where can I find more information about the requirements for listing new coins on Nash? If a project wants to get listed, what do they have to do? How much does it cost, and what type of coins can list on the exchange initially?



Good Question…
Do you own a token? Or do you want to sign up another token?

"What is the process for getting tokens listed on nash?

Ethan: “For us, we require a legal opinion from the people who want us to list their token, the reason for this is for say, for operating in the U.S. as we plan to do, and you have a token in our system that is a security, that is a big problem as we are not allowed to trade securities in the U.S. …Ether Delta ran into a similar issue not so long ago. So we take that part of it very seriously but beyond that we dont have too much in terms of a formal listing process.” "

Hello, as we are closing into the launch date of Nash, i don’t know if anyone else asked it again, is there any instructions that someone must follow to list the token on Nash from the first day?

The thread tells u everything u need to know as of now

Hello :nex_logo: TEAM, as we know, the more tokens that are listed on NEX, the more possible that more users will use this platform and thus more volume.

Thus, is it possible that NEX starts to publicise clear rules, requirements(documents needed) and steps(Frameworks) for projects to get their listing on NEX for the public? With that, NEX can have an easier and faster adoption since the requirements to get listed will be publicly available.


I second this request from @maomao – we’re obviously quite interested in seeing GUARD listed on NEX at launch, how do we work with you to make sure this happens? What are the rules, specifically? Anything you can do to help us understand the process & requirements in advance of NEX opening the front doors to the public would be helpful. Thanks!

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It was said by @canesin in interview with Brad. But I didn’t hear about that in Neo Devcon Live streaming, maybe due to lack of time, I am not sure. @canesin or someone from the nash team can shed some light on those points.

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