Listing Coins/Token on Nash with extra options (future idea)

there is an idea in my mind for coin-listings in the far future.

If a project want to list his coin on Nash, there are 10K Dollar to spend for legal proof. Allright.

But after the correct listing we could give the project some more options.
Some only want a listing on Nash but others maybe have other needs we can fill.
Individual Marketing-Strategies or individual consultations for the next steps.

At the end a listing on Nash is not only a listing on a Exchange. It´s more than that. It´s a real partnership every young or older project want to have. Individual, unique and on point for every project, if it´s necessary.

Now we have not the resources i think but in the future it can be a strong marketing-brick for the Nash-branding…?

What do you think?
Have a nice day!