List of Token NEX

We know that to list a security token like NEX a license is required, but there is currently a platform like Coinbase that can list a security, because they do not?

It is unpleasant to see NEX in Coinasset and Tokok, because we can not have a good exchange after a year of having announced the ICO.

I’m not going to ask for deadlines because we already know that they do not say it, but understand, it was a hard year for the crypto world, we need a little joy that we were waiting for NEX all year and we invested despite the market situation.


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As you know, NEX is going towards compliance of regulatory since the start. And being compliant means that it takes time to get listed on exchanges as there are lack of regulated exchanges right now as i believe that are eligible to list NEX tokens(i dont know of any that are able to list NEX token legally right now, pls correct me if im wrong).

One example is APH that listed NEX without being legally able to which causes APH to temporary shutdown due to legal issues.

This space is slowly being more and more regulated and once we have one exchange that has a legal right to list securities, i believe NEX token will be one of those that will get listed first, which can really gain exposure since this space will grow more on security tokens issuance.

Thus, NEX has no power to control how fast other security exchanges pave their way towards compliance. But i believe that one of the biggest exchange(Binance) have been making their way at Malta to open a security token exchange which can benefit NEX if we get listed there.

future is bright for NEX, i believe.


Great reply @MaoMao.