List of things which require immediate attention

  1. Personal-Trading account : Transferring between them takes much longer than the blockchain confirmation time. At least 3 to 4 times longer.

  2. Withdrawing NEO most of the time causes error (Blockchain syncing issue). I have to send the request 20-25 times and if I am lucky it goes through

  3. The system asks my password and 2Fa way too many times.

  4. Already working fiat ramps now broken- its been more than a month (carbon)

  5. We are cross chain still no NEO/LINK pair

  6. It seems the portfolio graph has its own mind, sometimes its showing other times its blank

  7. Moonlight gone, all other dex have restarted the trading after the update. Nash has nothing to say about it

I would not discuss timelines, communication, marketing, BTC and erc20/Nep5 token listing here.

Feel free to add more


Moonlight is there alright… no trades, but still there…