Liquidity mining (NEX farming) program details

Hi all,

I hope to write a more detailed and polished blog article tomorrow - but as I know mood get a bit down on days the market is red I thought that I could not delay giving more info in this program a lot of the community is excited about, so here is a quick summary of the program structure:

Liquidity mining (NEX farming) beta program

We will start on October 1st (Thursday) a incentive program for makers and takers.

For five weeks 10,000 NEX will be given to makers and takers, totaling 20,000 NEX per week and 100,000 NEX for the whole five weeks.

To participate on the program one must have a minimum of $10,000 daily volume average during each week of reward (with minimum 4 days above $10k). There is no registration or locking required - all one need to do is trade, if you trade normally and do more than the minimum volume you will be rewarded.

We will compute the leader-board separately for both makers and takers on the week closing and reward proportionally. This means we will compute the first leader-board and rewards on October 8th.

When computing the reward distribution there will be a multiplier applied for people with valid 2 year NEX stakes to reward our community and attract new users to NEX benefits!

500 NEX: 50% bonus
1000 NEX: 100% bonus

Valid markets for launch week are:


Nash employees and partners participating in paid market making programs will not be eligible.


Can you add BTC pairs of existing tokens before that please (like LINK/BTC)? They are the ones used to do TA for most tokens, so I don’t see any volume without them.


@Vic9t yes


I will personally give as gift Gunbot Pro license (0.075 BTC) to 10 members of this forum that have the highest volumes this week in preparation for the mining :smiley:



So for people that don’t have trading activated in their country or don’t trade more than $10k a day, there is nothing that they can do to be involved in this? It is strictly for that? If that is the case I guess we just benefit from dividends.

P.S Wen Canada :wink:

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How do we view our weekly volumes at the end of this week? Or is this info only visible to Nash?
Because Affiliate Portal does not show my personal volume and only specific info can be seen on my trading page. But not my weekly volume?

I understand that if I do not trade 10k per day, it is useless to have the 500 and 1000 NEX blocked, it would be like this now, right?

This week beginning from today?

I think you can see daily, monthly and year on the trading limits. We will do something to allow you to check who are you in the leader-board.



@Jobaba sure, let’s do 1-week interval to be fair, from the publication of this post.

You don’t need to block anything, if you already have the stakes they will count, all it requires is to have an active 2 years stake of the amounts - the minimum volume is so that people don’t take this as walk in the park giveaway. $10k/day is achievable with very low capital, something like $200 should be doable.


Your staked nex will likely earn increased fees during the program

Too bad bonus doesn’t scale with staked NEX… :innocent: :four_leaf_clover:

But it’s of course better this way, seeing that the goal is to spark interest for outside traders in Nash. So it might be discouraging for them.

Don’t forget that NEX stakerd will benefit from this both in the short term (more dividends) and in the long term (adoption). So spread the word!


hey fabio @canesin can you give us free bots as an alternative to the ones we have?


We are working with partners that will make their bots free to the Nash community @M4uR1, but unfortunately that will take about a month from now - so if you want to wait for that is fine and will very likely be available before the beta program ends. But you will miss most of it, @fabibi bots are free and usable from the browser - they should be quite usable for the program!


For clarity, does it mean anyone that generate $10K per day will get reward? Also I guess the higher the volume, the higher the reward. Like between someone doing $100k per day and someone doing $10k per day



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that’s fine too, for now we’ll use the ones we have then we’ll do even better, thanks!

Fantastic! And huge give away! GB is a great tool to enhance your trading abilities.

I unfortunately cannot partake in the trading being Canadian, but I am here cheering you all on haha

If anyone needs a hand with some GunBot help or SPOT strategies, I’m happy to answer your questions. GB learning curve can be high. You can also reach out to me on Telegram @beefrog