Liquidity mining beta: Leaderboard update


After the last update of the leaderboard, the rewards still not proportional. I think it’s better to redo all the leaderboard to be fair.

Example: Maker Volume
1st prize
Volume: $497233.42 Reward: 899.82969185 NEX Bonus: 100%
2nd prize
Volume: $431579.01 Reward: 728.08327868 NEX Bonus: 100%

If the reward of the 1st place is correct, the second place should get 431579.01/497233.42*899.82969185 NEX = 781.01670554 NEX as reward

If the reward of the 2nd place is correct, the first place should get 497233.42/431579.01*728.08327868 NEX = 838.84371184 NEX as reward

But I think both of the rewards are wrong, that’s why it is better to redo the leaderboard.

Yeah I think it need be recalculated again.

When I make:
SUM (maker rewards) = 10589,97781 NEX
SUM (taker rewards) = 10749,11037 NEX
like we know this is not correct.

best will be take volume of people make *50 *100 then calculate sum volume , next take 1% of volume and easy match it.

= person A (500K volume) total volume 10M, that guy had 100% bonus = person A (1M volume) total volume = 10,5M. 1% of total volume is 105 000. Person A 1M/105000 = 9,523809523809524% of total volume = Person A take from 10000 reward - 952,3809523809524 NEX.

it’s still not right…

not even close… let’s say they decided to leave the initial numbers so there are no complains… as an example… the taker at 1st position has the same amount of NEX in the 1st and 2nd leaderboard… where 2nd one is after some correction…

My question then is why me and @Aisperwine have x1.8 from previous numbers and not x2??? @canesin

I still have yesterday’s leaderboard openned in browser and it really seems like Nash doesn’t want to change numbers once populated publicly… OK, fine by me…

the only question is why those who were wrongly calculated (bug in x1.5 and x2 validation) thus the most affected are now computed from fixed table? I would expect to get wrong NEX and simply double it OR recalculate the whole leaderboard because that’s the only fair play…

yesterdays leaderboard is allocating 10k for maker and 10k for taker, at least something was right… todays leaderboard is f***d up a lot… some stayed on their wrong numbers (= receiving more than they should), some got at least some correction but not 100%…

what I don’t like about current leaderboard is that there are basically no people with right number…

85% of people got more NEX than they should… 15% got less than they should… none got what was supposed to be received…

Hey man,

Its understandable, at the same time this is first payout and as with everything new and in beta, it needs finetunning.
You can report the issue,team always investigates. Dont worry and keep trading


@Zino we decided to pay slightly more this week due to a original issue.

@lukaskorba that is not true, no one is receiving less than it should. A few users are receiving slightly more, how much more? In aggregate 589.97780862 NEX (~5,9%) for makers and 749.11037478 NEX (~7,5%) for takers.

In detail: there was a small problem on the stakers export script that caused a few stakes to be missed. We than computed the new corrected rewards with the new stakers list, it would decrease rewards slightly for quite a few people so we decided that since values were public we would do the maximum of both.

The code is literally doing a max(old, new):

max_reward = max([ float(new['reward']), float(old['reward'])])
new_rewards[side][idx]['reward'] = "{:.8f}".format(max_reward)

For complete transparency and easy of reproduction here is the old data and the diff to the new, one can see we simply corrected the values for whoever was receiving less than they should so no one was being penalized.


My volume was too small, so I can’t have a say.
It’s nice that Nash has the calculation public.
But I think it’s a shame that Nash justifies how something is calculated.
People why aren’t you just glad you got something.

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“glad you got something…”??? do you realize that all of us stayed at home, were trading a week all for Nash, supporting community, Nash, all of us and in the end we were almost given half of the reward? would you be glad???

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This is a beautiful community @Basti and @lukaskorba … no need to create friction inside it. I am hearing the issue. Users like @lukaskorba and @Zino put forward that they feel others are receiving a better deal by still receiving according the old computation where they received according to the correct one.

So I will look on what would mean to give everyone the same “prize” of the original wrong computation instead of just correcting the values there were receiving less than they should.

But I will make me clear - there was no chance we would ever not honor the stakes, so no one should ever be worried to “almost” not receive what they were promised. As it is now, everyone is receiving at least their fair share and after so long I think our community wouldn’t expect otherwise of the team.


I hate when I feel like a complete a**h*le… which would be fair to say about me… I pushed hard, lot more than I would like to do… I’m sorry for putting pressure on the team and Fabio… at the day we are all looking forward to…

So I’m saying stop this thread and let team more free handed… happy that Fabio took it that professionally (as always)…

week 2 - strike


The team decided that we will reward all users in excess this week.

So there will be:
Total maker rewards update: 10857.31673877
Total taker rewards update: 10930.36483595

The leader board will be update in the next few minutes.

Please note however that rewards will go back to be 10k NEX for maker and takers for the second week.