Limited decimals for placing orders


I also mentioned this in the trade feedback thread, but I think it deserves some extra attention, since it is critical for some pairs. Orders on neo pairs are possible to be placed with only 3 decimals and orders on eth pairs are possible to be placed with only 5 decimals.

For small $ value coins, this makes it practicly impossible to trade on Nash. For example the PHX-NEO pair. According to CMC PHX is worth 0.00074619 NEO currently. However the smallest number with 3 decimals is 0.001

Even for pairs like AVA-NEO where the dollar value is not that small, but still quite small, it is problematic. According to CMC AVA is currently worth 0.01252001 NEO. On Nash I can only make orders of 0.012 or 0.013, which is not precise enough in my opinion.

P.S. For future maintenances, could you update the twitter when the maintenance is complete?