Lets Speculate, till the time we launch!

How much should I hold to retire in couple of years??

we will never have enough nex get as much as you can :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a highly subjective answer based on a ton of “what-if” assumptions. Impossible to answer.

i guess it all depends where you are from and what you want to achieve. That being said, i need a couple of million dollars to get a pease of mind, but not ready for retire. I have heard few people in telegram mentioning 100k good for them to retire, but for me, 300-400k is the money i invest in crypto hoping for a 4x-5x gain… to answer the question, my guess probably 500k nex might be enough to retire if someone wants to retire in 2 years, 100k may be in 5 years with a lot of volume

500K Nex, you should already retire!. If you have that much to invest now, considering you not putting all your worth in Crypto its insane!!

:slight_smile: i don’t have 500k nex, i was just saying, imo 500k nex is good to retire. I live in a country with high taxes, so considering living expenses, i came to that conclusion. I wish at least 75% my crypto investments were in nex and btc, well…