Let's list DigiByte soon after launch

(Vic9t) #1

Hi guys!
I discovered recently the listing scandal of Binance, and it seems that DGB has been on the front to expose that big issue that NASH will solve. I think we have to respond quickly and list DGB as soon as possible. The team would naturally promote the listing procedure of NASH to their 150k followers, it would be a very strong move to advertise the exchange.

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

Maybe an interview with Ivan on Tech is good for Nash too

(Nicefox) #3

so many youtubers lined up for interview with nash… ivan now a days is behind the money, have seen him pitching resistance with ian…

(Trust Yourselves ) #4

Well I don’t think Nash should pay for an interview. The youtuber is getting views while nash is getting attention. Its a win win for both parties. No money involved

(Dan) #5

Particl also went through the same thing.

(EC) #6

Ivan on Tech is advising (shilling) a scammy looking exchange along with Ian Balina called Resistance DEX. Doubt he’ll present Nash in the best possible light seeing as he has a vested interest in a competing platform.

(Justus) #7

I don’t think these “please list coin X”-topics are useful. We all do have our favourite projects and want to see them get listed. But you said please list digibyte, someone said list elastos, someone said list holochain & quant and I would say please list nano & elastos.
This isn’t leading to sth good. So my suggestion for all of us is: Go to the community of your choice, convince them that it would be benefical to get listed on NASH, and advise them to get in contact with NASH, work towards it and offer help if needed.
This way it would be more productive… At least this is my opinion about it. Have a nice day

(Vic9t) #8

I have never own any DGB, and I don’t know if the project even fits the listing criteria, but I think listing coins that have said no to Binance’s practices would promote NASH, and give a nice reputation from the get go.

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(Justus) #9

Wasn’t my intention to question your motives and you made a vaild point. Just in general, I think the above described way would be better to initiate sth like this.

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(Elcontador) #10

That’s right, friend, according to you.

What I like about the team is that they do not waste time, they are focused and they are professionals.

I really see a lot of future for Nash, a lot of my confidence is based on the road map and the seriousness of the team.

(Elcontador) #11

It should be analyzed because Binance made that decision, maybe they are seeing something, when you manage money from others, you must take precautions.


If it meets the NASH criteria we should really get it added soon. Anything to give us favor and volume in the community is good.

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(Dan) #13

yep. I’m all for good projects with strong communities.

(Nicefox) #14

I wish nash will be able to list some top projects before anyone other exchange; many projects paid millions to list in binance , but if Nash lists for free that will be a win for nash, project and community. How about Gram :slight_smile: