Less than a month Release ๐Ÿš€

Favio said it today in a radio interview, so now we have a date, there we go Nash !!!:tokyo_tower::tokyo_tower::tokyo_tower::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Yes i heard the same and it sounded like a little teaser :wink:

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Do not you want to wait until Q2 until you pop the corks? I know that he said that, but I would still prefer an official confirmation. In the past, similar things have been said that have arrived differently. So stay calm and wait until tonight โ€ฆ


I listened to the interview live (stream). I know Fabio said that. However I wonder if Fabio was caught in the moment by the interviewers excitement. I mean this radio station seemed very radical in promoting BTC โ€˜and beyondโ€™. Prepping for financial markets collapse doomsday,โ€ฆ banks-are-bad type narrativeโ€ฆ

Still fun interview tho. The word is out now.

I really, highly doubt Fabio would let that slip if it wasnโ€™t accurate. Not to mention other members of the team were there who didnโ€™t jump in to correct him.

Honestly, if he overspoke and itโ€™s not launching around a month from now, this would be a pretty bad PR mistake.

I have complete faith though. The team is very professional and I believe he said it because itโ€™s going to be mentioned at the quarterly event anyways.



Looks like it was all accurate. Great job to the team!

Nash will go live on 23 August 2019. ETH/NEO cross-chain trading, funds management tools and fiat ramps will be available at launch, with more features coming soon! #TrustYourselves pic.twitter.com/gH2XDGXcEg

โ€” Nash (@nashsocial) July 27, 2019