Ledger Nano for NEX?

Dear Nash Community,
I’m thinking to buy a Ledger Nano S / X for my NEX, and i wanted to ask you if you trust a ledger nano for 100%? And if so, should I get the Ledger Nano S or X?

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Should get the S. And then the E. And then the X. Like tesla lol on a more seriously note, I use the s and it has been pretty good. maybe you should read the description. And watch some YouTube videos before you decide.

After the NEX ico I bought a Ledger Nano S. From that day I sleep with more tranquility, it is the best investment in terms of security.
with the S ledger is enough. and with what you have left you can buy more NEX.


I have multiple Ledger Nano and think they are great Crypto Wallets. I use the Ledger Nano S for Cold Storage and have just purchased a Ledger Nano X for Daily on the move transactions due to being able to sync via Bluetooth to my mobile. Perfect tools to secure your long term investments. :nash_n:

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Hi, I have a Ledger Nano S and I am really happy with it. The big downside however is storing capacity. It can only store a few applications at the same time. That means if you have various tokens from various blockchains, you have to uninstall and install apps quite often (of course you don’t have to move the tokens since they are on the blockchain, the ledger is only for the private key to unlock the wallet). That personally irritates me sometimes.
The Nano X is wireless, and has way more storage if I read the review:

So to summarize, both S and X are safe. Depending on the various number of tokens you are storing, you might consider the X. If it’s only NEX and BTC f.e., then S is fine. And if the wireless option is a must for you, the X it should be.

By the way, I don’t understand the “NOT what I expected” in the headline, you don’t see it in the article :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, X is only available for pre-order, so shipping will start in March :slight_smile:

Take into consideration that afaik the nash wallet will not support the Ledger nano.
You can use it only with the neon wallet.

i wanted to ask you if you trust a ledger nano for 100%?

As long as you keep the seed words safe, you’re unlikely to run into problems (PEBCAK aside).

I think if your holdings are above the retail price of a Ledger Nano, it is a very logical purchase. I would not use my Nano directly with the exchange though; I find it preferential to send funds from my Ledger address to a separate trading address.

This exactly. My Ledger is for long term holding. I’ll use another address with Nash for trading.

will you be able to log in on the nash exchange with the ledger nano s to stake your nex?

No. They said that the advanced cryptography they are using is not compatible with any current hardware wallet.

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I hope I can use my ledger with the nash exchange in the future.