Hi Guys, congrats on the strong start of the league. For the past three days i’ve done my share and i’m now on place 12 in team cloud bot. with total of 350k + volume. Catching up with the guys/girls at the top seems more and more impossible as they are either playing with more capital or are way better at setting up their bots.
And that is ok, because the most important thing is that Nash will win in the end.

But if I read correctly i have met the criteria (20k volume) to get awarded if team cloudbot finishes in the money. That realization (place 11 pays the same as place 80) made me change my strategy from max volume with a little bit of profit/loss to whatever volume with maximum profit. Although a win for me, it could be a loss for nash. And since our goal (community) is to let nash succeed; Maybe this fact could be considered in future competitions.

My suggestion:
As long as we have inequality in team volume It might be more beneficial to change the terms and make users return to the platform to generate volume at least a few times per week (like in the liq mining program)

Keep it up guys!!


Yes, same for me. Did my fair share, but I will not accept losses anymore, so changing strategy as well.

For the traders outside top 10, I would suggest to pay-out per contributed dollar (when the minimum of 20k has been met)


That would be more fair imo as well

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I third that :smiley: