Launch has to be launching- soon?

Just a bit of discussion, I would think that NEX exchange has to launch soon, in fact could launch by the end of this month. The referral program giveaway ends June 17th which is 5 weeks away from this post today (May 10th). The exchange has to launch with enough time for people to activate their tickets to enter the draw on the 17th, and in order for tickets to be activated a user must complete a trade on the exchange or hold $25 worth of crypto on the exchange. Thus, in order to give people enough time to hear about the launch and sign onto Nash Exchange and complete a trade to be entered into the draw, the exchange would have to launch likely by the end of the month.

If this is not the case I am hoping that Nash gives people at least 2 weeks before the referral program draw and the exchange launching to allow people to hear about the exchange being launched and get on and trade/activate tickets.

Side note for one of the Nash staff, will all users be emailed/notified many times before the exchange launches with a reminder about ticket activations?


Exactly the same thought I already had. That’s why I have written here before that I think we start on May 31 :wink:


Another sentence including “launch” and “soon” :grinning:
I have to admit I am at a point just wondering how far we will end up from the “former” goals regarding the launches. Just hope we won’t miss all of the bear market before we can stake, cause every day passes is a day with missed dividends.
And yes, still looking forward to nash and it’s still will be awesome in my opinion, but bla bla bla


Haha…I love this phrase - “Everyday passes is a day with missed dividends”. Really, everyday that passes by, the trades are being executed on rival exchanges and the revenue generated from these trades are strengthening the power of Centralized Exchanges. I was absolutely astonished when CZ contemplated of doing a reorg to overcome the hack. The excuse for not doing it was 7000BTC is not enough to justify it. What if 70000BTC was hacked? I’m sure CZ would have fought tooth and nail to do a reorg or definitely a split and come up with BTC BNB :rofl: