Language slider small improvement

Hi Nash Team,

While navigating on the exchange and choosing my language I felt like there was something missing. The languag slider is too dull. :slight_smile:
With only a minor changes we can make this way more colorful, is it possible to add a little flag of the country where this language is spoken the most before every language option?

An example for german would be this :

Just some feedback, I would really like to see this small change :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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This was a conscious decision. If you think more about the political implications of using flags to identify languages, I hope you’ll see why it’s a bad idea. For example, German is an official language in multiple countries. Why should people in Austria or Switzerland (or South Tyrol, for that matter) identify their language with the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany? What about UK/US? Brazil/Portugal? All the Latin American countries? What about African countries with colonial histories?

Identifying languages with specific political entities like this is just going to alienate users.



Thank you for your reply!
I understand the decision now.

Kind regards,