KYC for DEX?

Do you require any KYC for withdrawal and deposits ? I exciting to know about Nash team policy about KYC for DEX?

You don’t “deposit” your crypto :grin:
Nash is non-custodial. The exchange never has your crypto :sunglasses:


I deposit my crypto, I mean if it is DEX, KYC no need, But i wanna know about that from the team

Nash will have fiat on and off ramps. These 3rd party providers have to implement KYC due to anti-money laundering laws etc. Also, Nash is a regulated exchange with a security token, thus they have to follow rules like any company with a publicly traded security token. You can trade on the exchange up to $1000 per 24 hours without KYC when the DEX launches. Above that amount, KYC will be required.


Nash can’t control your funds, but can limit the amount of trade at contract level(state channel/matching engine protocol) based on your KYC status. Nash didn’t announce the max trade amount limit for trading without KYC. I guess, they will announce it before launch.

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@janasena it’s $1000 daily. It’s in the bottom left corner of the trading screenshot :slight_smile:

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ha…ha, good observation.

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Thanks for helping out

Hi! Anyone knows if the KYC will require a ID only or does it need a Passport, cause i’m a student and i didn´t won the lottery, so if someone has done it does it require passport or ID is enough?

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