I have android 4.1.2 on my smartphone which means i am unable to install the KYC App (4.4 required).

Since i am not really in a position to buy a new phone ATM (need my NEX for staking :slight_smile: ) i was wondering if/when there will be another way of verification for Tier 1.

Thank you

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I thought they said there was an web version to, but not sure how to get that

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@carla @canesin please help them as it’s a genuine point

@waxxana We do have a web based KYC for extreme cases but it is only available through support ( It may take a couple of days before that feature is online as we are focusing on prioritizing other issues since this is the first occurrence of someone not able to install the app.


@canesin finally first in something :smiley:

NP i’ll wait for it to come online, thank you for the answer.

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@canesin are there any news about the desktop KYC App?

Not desktop app, web based. Please contact the support team.

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