KYC and Exchange

When will the exchange launch?

How soon can we expect the NEX mobile wallet and exchange interface?

Will KYC be required to stake for dividends?

When can we purchase NEX merchandise?


First of all, I’m proud the be part of this!
A question about staking. Is the NEX KYC (last April) for the ICO enough for staking, or do we have to pass another KYC proces for this?


According to NEX Live Stream, KYC will be required to stake.

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Launch will be “when its ready” so i would expect December or January.
Honestly i do not mind because what is worse launching late or launching a broken exchange.

KYC is required for staking.

And merchandise i have no clue… i want that NEX mug for my coffee!


It wasn’t clearly stated if there will be a check from where the NEX have been aquired. After reading the comunity telegram for the past couple of weeks I noticed that a recurring question is if OTC buyed tokens can be used to stake.

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As NEX is Security Token and therefore sharing company profits i strongly see the requirement to do the KYC for being able to Stake, also mandatory for the FIAT-cashout.

Someone asked this at the event. Fabio said that as long as you pass the kyc, you can stake. Regardless if the tokens were bought through OTC. Take a look: (2:09:33)


Thanks for the exact location of the comment.

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You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure.

This question has popped up on reddit. I assume since you will need to pass KYC, US users won’t be able to stake since they won’t be able to pass KYC.

According to what Fabio said on the next AMA yes u will need to do KYC to stake nex tokens ,

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So I guess if I want to stake from my non-ICO wallet but from my Ledger Wallet I will have to re-do KYC? Oh well. Last time for the ICO, I recall that the KYC went very smoothly so it’s ok.

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Ledger wallet isn’t supported and they have no plans right now to support it due to the way is secures keys being incompatible with the NEX extension method. But to answer your question if you want to use a different wallet then yes you will need to pass KYC again, unless they allow you to add multiple wallets to your KYC account but there hasn’t been any discussion of this to my knowledge.

unfortunately the youtube video is not available anymore

The video was split into presentation and AMA parts. Unfortunately I can’t find the exact timecode right now, but it should be in here:

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At 2:18 the part about KYC for staking starts.

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Thanks a lot, will check it out!

I think since some U.S. markets are available now…those people that live in those states that are approved to trade will be able to stake and pass KYC? @canesin

Can we pass KYC using an i.d. or driver license ?
Allowing only Passport owner can be a limit and cut out a lot of people for different reasons.
For example: my passport is expired and im not planning holidays abroad for the next years…i wont pay for another one just for staking

usually you can use national I.D. or driver license, not every country but most.