Kryll partnership - platform for automated trading

I want to share with the team the possibility of integration with this platform for automated crypto trading.
I personally have been using the platform for six months and they have my recommendation.

The platform has a lot of people trading every day and they are completely legal.
I see them adding new stock exchanges to the platform and the monthly trading volume on the platform exceeds $ 300 million and they have a very active community.
I think it’s worth considering the possibility of integrating @canesin


I think that I asked for this a few times, also sent some messages to Kryll team about nash.
(I was bannded once from their telegram channel because I posted there about

anyway it’s a good platform I also hope that we will get it.


@clare @carla any opinion?Thanks!

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@NENEX we are in contact with Kryll team.


I have my strategies there… for a couple of usdc-link, with an associated binance API.
I want to transfer my trading strategy to NASH. Come on!! :wink: