Anyone else receive 888,888 KickTokens in their Nash wallet today? Anyone have any idea what this airdrop is? Obviously it isn’t associated with Nash, but curious if any members of the community know anything about it.

this is a random airdrop for 167k people / wallets.
that’s the advantage of dex: you get all airdrops. at cex they all end up at the exchange

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Got it too, but can’t transfer them bhooo

I have the same problem. Nice to have some extra tokens and I want to trade them on Kucoin, but Nash keeps giving me the failed transfer message.

Would be nice to have some more information on what goes wrong. Not just a generic message…

The KICK tokens are locked (can’t be transferred) by its own smart contract, it is part of a campaign where they will unlock it on their centralized exchange. We do not know about the legitimacy of this token nor if it is a scam. Be safe out there.


Just goole it and you will find the aswer to your question.

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Thanks for the reply guys

Feels very much like a scam if you ask me.

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actually I just want to send it somewhere, don’t want to see them appear in my Nash Funds :smiley:

I wouldn’t touch them. They may be tracked – if you send them to another wallet, they know the wallet they dropped to is active. If you send them to a different KYC’d address, they may be able to figure out who you are.

Airdrops should just be ignored. Too good to be true…

I got 1000 ont for the email newsletter subscription … you never know (ath $ 10,000). crypto is crazy, you never know what will happen. most everything or minus minus

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Yes, ONT airdrop was phenomenal.

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Sorry, I meant totally random, out-of-the-blue airdrops. That ONT airdrop, and a few other legitimate projects, are the exception to the rule.


After doing some research this doesn’t look good. In order to unlock these tokens to move them out of your wallet, you need to register for their exchange AND do KYC. Seems fishy and ‘scam like’ to get information? Now these tokens will be in my Nash wallet until the end of time hmmmm

100% shady. I hope people aren’t lured into these silly schemes. Yeah, 888,888 is a big number…but do we honestly expect KICK to be valuable at some point in the future? Who’s their team? What’s their funding? Does their project even use block chain in a novel or useful way?

Due diligence is valuable – use it, people!

yes same would destroy them if I could :smiley:

We are a bit concerned about this, what the community think, should we remove the tokens from the list ? (vote up if we should).


@canesin if its not a scam dont remove the token. even if it looks like a shitty project.

That’s the whole point here, though. This might be a scam, since the tokens are only unlocked one you pass KYC on a dubious exchange.

@canesin, this is a tough choice to make imo. Seems like Nash’s claim to decentralization is potentially at stake. On one hand, you’ll likely prevent people from making poor choices and help protect their identity. On the other hand, it’s possible Nash could act preemptively against a false negative – maybe the exchange will turn out legitimate (unlikely, I’d say :see_no_evil:). Not only that, but you’ll be setting a precedent for future airdrops and situations like this.

Would it be possible to add a little ‘:information_source:’ icon on KICK and other airdropped tokens stating something like “the source of these tokens are questionable – proceed with caution.” This way, Nash is looking out for its users but not prohibiting them from moving/using/ignoring them. Perhaps users can flag a token as ‘Airdropped’, which flags support staff to investigate and determine whether the warning gets applied to it.

I dunno, it’s a tough decision…


It’s a great answer, but honestly I am saddened to see us all spend more than 1 minute on this thread.

To me it feels like a total scam (I’ve heard you need to deposit money first on the exchange to “unlock” your KICK tokens :roll_eyes:), but the answer should be: let’s spend the least amount of time on this as possible (so basically do nothing.)!

The fact that 888k KICK tokens comes up high in the token selection dropdown because tokens are ordered by quantity instead of value is the only relevant topic we should be reflecting upon:

P.S: No, I don’t have more than 888,888 NEX tokens, unfortunately :grin: