Kicking 0 volume contest players


Currently I am trading in @fabibi 's trading team…I was wondering @canesin if 0 volume traders might be removed from the teams. It is kind of leeching while others put their money at risk.

We don’t have a price yet…but if $50 can become 150 it might be worth to risk a few . Frankly I was a little discouraged seeing that 100k volume only was worth $50 of prize money. The risk is much higher then the reward imho.

And off topic…@canesin , why are people blocked on twitter? I understand it if it were bots spamming…but Nash is all about decantralisation and yet you ban people with an opppinion that you don’t like. …how can you rhime that?


What would be the benefit of removing them? They anyway need to make 20k volume in order to receive rewards. And as per terms & conditions they have time to do this until the end of the competition.