Keep Getting Logged Out

(Guardian Circle) #1

Every 48 hours or so the NEX community sites seems to log me out – and I have to log all the way back in twice with NEX Chrome + site login. And then it sends me to a page telling me I timed out – I have to click the NEX logo – and then everything’s back and fine. It’s not the end of the world, but the site is a little glitchy-feeling still in this regard. Everything else works great once I’m logged in.

[Keep Getting Logged Out]
(Len) #2

I personaly do not encounter this myself. But that does seem very annoying, maybe has something to do with your cookies/settings in Chrome? Did you check that?

(Guardian Circle) #3

Yep I did. Does not seem to be a cookie issue. That said, it seems to have also gone away.

(clare s) #4

@GuardianCircle the site settings automatically log a person out after X hours.


(Guardian Circle) #5

Oh – is there a way I can disable this? And I assume then EVERYONE is experiencing this, not just me?

(Guardian Circle) #6

I haven’t experienced this for 23 days now :slight_smile: So: we’re good!

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