Just wanted to say thank you!

I personally just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to the NEX team and everyone behind the NEX project that has gotten us here today! :heart:

In a space consumed by scams, greed, pump and dumps, security vulnerabilities, over-inflated projects, and just plain manipulation from both community and teams; it truly is an accomplishment to be where we are today. The future is bright for NEX! :sunglasses:

So thank you NEX team for getting us this far with your exceptional skill and vision. Although the exchange isn’t live yet, I truly see NEX as being a game-changer for the entire crypto industry. Everything from the TGE to the announcements/news updates have been precise and well thought out. TRULY PROFESSIONAL :clap::clap::clap:

Many projects and teams seem to forget where the success of their project comes from. Many put themselves before the community. A good team understands that community adoption is key to success. :muscle:

Thank you for properly evaluating your monetary needs, doing your due diligence and not rushing out a half-baked product just to meet community pressure. NEX will succeed but it takes an entire community to make it happen. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back everyone! If you are still here in this market after the scams and massive losses this past year you deserve a moment…you found the needle in the haystack. Be patient and “trust yourselves”, it will be worth the wait. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Very well said @NATENEX, couldn’t have worded it better! :tada::heart:


Nex really is going to set the precedent for other crypto based crowdfunding. This is the first time in a crypto investment I feel as though I have a connection to an actual company. NEX proves that cryptocurrency is the future because it can comply and improve the current financial systems of the world, not only seek to take them down .:nex_logo:


Hello @NATENEX I agree with everything you say, we are fortunate to be in the birth of NEON EXCHANGE, who will generate the change to the cryptographic world as we know it now, in which we are always stalked by scams, equipment and exchanges with bad intentions , LIVE NEX AND ALL THE TEAM THAT IS INTEGRATED !!!


Thank YOU @magic @steve @NATENEX @Nick and the @nexer crew out there. Thank you for being active participants in the community. :nex_logo: :blue_heart:


HI @clare, I feel very happy to belong to this community :smiley::smiley:

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Thank you for that comment. It probably stands for everyone here in the NEX community.