Just out of Curiosity - How many members does this forum now have?

And how did it increase month by month?


Not that much users, but I know, their are a lot of people who are reading the Community topics, but aren’t a community member. So I think you can sum that number of users, by 3 or 4, if you want to know the total of readers here on the community.

This is actually not too bad. You need to remember these are high quality members. They all committed to buy Nex token (otherwise u cant be here) - I think there are 33k people actually owning Nex token?! The conversion could be higher but as u said they might not want to sign up here thru desktop.

It was a smart move to use an online forum. Telegram is toxic. Their twitter has as many followers as the Revolut App and we didnt even launch yet. All in all…this is just the beginning!

One thing that I think will improve on-boarding is the migration of using the extension to use the exchange login instead.


Can’t wait for this integration! Will make using the community much easier.

I know a lot of people who don’t use the exchange, because of the extension and they doesn’t know how this work… It will be a good feature to use exchange login, to login on the community platform! :slight_smile: