Just did my 1st Eth/Neo trade transferred from Kraken (feedback)

I purchased ETH from Kraken because thats where my fiat is and transferred it to Nash. Transferring to the trading contract took about 4 minutes <-- Can this be done faster in the future?
Using advanced mode I had to switch to dark mode so I was able to read the prices while hovering. Market buy went quick, limit buy was easy. Overall a great experience. Now I am waiting to put all my funds into Nash (XRP & BTC mainly) and hope to be able to do this soon thru my mobile app. If I can start paying with that same app thru Nash Pay (everywhere I can use Google pay) I will be the most happy person then :slight_smile:


Yes I agree with you about the hover part:

Both light and dark modes are great, however in light mode when hovering the prices are in a font color which is too light, resulting in it being not readable.


I’m pretty sure you’re aware of this and that a fix is under way within the latest design, but can we get someone from the design team to confirm? cc @Nathaniel


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