John Nash Charity Foundation

Seeing how generous the community was to help the guy out (with fat fingers) who accidentally made a market order for a high price, it got me thinking.

Are we also be able to make some sort of a charity foundation. I find it a double-edged sword when donating for example ETH. The company who gets the donation, will most likely sell this ETH at the market price.

It would be a great addition to be able to donate your NEX through a smart contract which will lock these NEX up for ever. The dividend generated from these NEX will be donated. The technical outwork of this still has to be worked out. The donation address can be for example be chosen by the 5 founder nodes.

With the charity maybe focused on mental illness:

“John Nash recovered from mental illness to win several notable awards, including the John von Neumann Theory Prize for his discovery of non-cooperative equilibria and the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal research on Game theory.
In future, the company/community should consider setting up a John Nash charity or foundation.”


I really like that idea. Considering the fact that we are not simply donating money. We are donating NEX-shares while showing the public how staking on Nash works. It’s not only about doing something useful for society but also about a strong marketing tool!

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I also like that idea.

But I see it a little differently…

Once Nash is up and running and there is decent volume, it would be cool to have a module that you can set up yourself to donate to a charity of your choice.

In my opinion, it wouldn’t be necessary to lock those NEX tokens forever. It may be more interesting to allow participants to choose the period for which they wish to stake their tokens. All dividends go to charity while the participants get their NEX tokens back after the staking period. In this way, a lot more people will want to donate.

It’s a very interesting idea. I hope something like this will be added in the future! :+1:


Definitely like this version as well! Less extreme than locking your NEX tokens forever.

Note: The idea is for the future reference when Nash is fully running. I understand that the team is working really hard right now and doesn’t have the priority for this. Even after BTC, they still have a long road.

Agreed! You never know this can become a community project. Let’s reconsider this idea within a year or so.

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